all people next to you

See all people within walking distance nearby, find common interests, see their photos, think about the perfect ice-breaker and …


Your next best friend, chill buddy, love of your life, etc. Chat and meet in real – then get off the phone!

no friend requests, no follows – not a social network

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Meet the person next to you while you can – they might walk away and miss your chance.

see thousands of local networks …

But remember – you have to be close to see who’s there.


Wasapii' s mission is to help you meet interesting people within walking distance near you and then get you off the phone!

Use Wasapii to:

No Friend Requests and No Follows

There are no friend requests and no follows just because Wasapii is not another social network. We hate "friends" that stay over the internet - friends should be real and should be near us. That's why in Wasapii you can only find & contact others if they are within walking distance from where you are. If they walk away, they magically disappear and you might never cross paths again. So, say "hi" while you can ... its the simplest word of all!

Not a Dating App

Millions of people are using Wasapii everyday to meet NEW people with whom they share common interests - best friends, running buddies, mom meets mom, business partners, etc. Romance can happen anywhere and we can't guarantee you won't fall in love with people you meet on Wasapii, however this is NOT our mission.

We respect your privacy

We will never share your exact location! The fact that Wasapii is a "closed" network also means that nobody can stalk you!

Wasapii is only available for users age 16 and over.


What is Wasapii ?

Wasapii is a mobile app whose sole purpose is to get you to meet all people next to you and then get you off the phone! There are No Friend Requests and No Follows, just because wasapii is not yet again another social network.

How does it work?

Once logged in you can see all people within walking distance next to you. See their photos, find common interests, then think about the perfect ice-breaker, chat and request to meet them in person. Your next best friend, chill buddy, love of your life, etc might be right there, so do not miss a chance to meet while you can – they might walk away.

Can I contact people that are not close to me?

Absolutely NOT. If people walk away, they magically disappear, meaning you can’t see or contact them.

Why am I not able to Follow, send Friend Request, or Chat with someone that is not close to me?

Because all of the above you can do with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And also because we want you to meet real people where it matters - outside of phones

Is it Safe?

We are fricks when it comes to Safety. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Who are you?

We are a young team of highly dynamic individuals obsessed with technology and what it can add to our lives – we are however more obsessed about life itself and meeting new interesting people every day! That’s why we created Wasapii!

I have more questions.

Just contact us!